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Terms of Use for Layouts

You may:
  • Edit the colors, fonts, links, etc. to fit your site
  • Edit the header image to include your site name
  • Use the layout free of charge on a non-commerical site
If you want to adjust something, such as width, centered, uncentered, or whatever, that is fine. If you want to clean up the code so it validates, go for it. However, if you tweak the layout, it still belongs to me and you must still link back to this site.

You may not:
  • Remove the copyright and credit links (on sidebar/footer)
  • Claim the layout as your own
  • Redistribute the layout
  • Use the source code and/or images to create a new layout
Do not claim that you made the layout. You didn't, so just don't. And do not copy my layouts. If you are inspired by them and make something similar (but not identical!), then thats fine. As long as it is clear that your layout is not a direct copy of mine. And just changing some colors here and there doesn't count.

And do not use my images to make your own layout. If you want to make your own layout, then make your own images.

Terms of Use for Textures

Textures are free for download and use on non-commercial sites. The textures are also linkware, so if you use them you must link back to this site.

Do not claim them as your own, and do not redistribute them. That includes:
  • Do not create brushes with them and distribute
  • Do not create new textures with them and distribute